The Boss of the Bladder CD/MP3

Boss of the Bladder CDThis recording by Dr Janet Hall is separated into two distinct parts.

1: For Parents

  • Part 1: Parent information (to help dispel bedwetting myths).
  • Part 2: BONUS parent relaxation (to help busy parents acknowledge their positive parenting skills).

2: For Kids

  • Part 1: Story for younger children.
  • Part 2: Positive suggestions for older children and adults. Children’s recordings combine hypnotic techniques, relaxation, guided imagery and suggestions for staying dry and being confident.

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Personalised Relaxation CD/MP3

  • A personalised recording made especially for the individual child, adolescent or adult.
  • You will need to provide information which briefly outlines your problem, and Jan will give you powerful suggestions on your personal recording which taps into the power of your own name and is very meaningful for you.

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