Wet beds, wet pants, poos in pants
Think you have tried everything?

We provide advice, support and management for children,
adolescents and parents for:

Viagra is oldest solution to treat ED. Many people know it. Get Viagra singapore pills just for 50 SGD. Dr. Jannet think that Clomid is effective solution for women in case of infertility. • Bedwetting (noctural enuresis)

• Day wetting (diurnal enuresis)

• Soiling (faecal incontinence)

• Constipation

• Toilet fears and phobias

A message from Dr Janet Hall:

The facts about bedwetting:

  • One in ten children up to the age of ten are still wetting the bed.
  • Many parents are concerned and frustrated as to where to go next and parents and children NEED to know the facts.
  • Children learn to understand that their brain can control their bladder.

The Facts about our program:

  • 90% become dry.
  • The KEY is a positive, caring treatment program.
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility and gain control, understanding that dryness can be achieved by his or her efforts.

Problem: Need more information about bedwetting?

SOLUTION: How to Stop Bedwetting Easily
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Problem: Persistent and continual bedwetting?

SOLUTION: Boss of the Bladder Recording
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Problem: Child is a deep sleeper and will not wake? or Disillusioned with bell and pad alarms and medication?

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