The Boss of the Bladder Program

  • The parent(s) and the child are encouraged to read the book: How You Can Be Boss Of The Bladder
  • A one hour interview is arranged to set up the individual program for the child.
  • Parent(s) of young children (older children make their own calls) phone the consultant directly each week to give a report of child’s progress.
  • The consultant will outline additional strategies as appropriate.
  • Further interviews are arranged only if necessary.
  • The relaxation mp3 recording  How You Can Be Boss Of The Bladder may be recommended.

Costs Include:
The initial one hour interview and weekly alarm rental. A copy of the Boss of the Bladder book and all phone consultations are FREE. Some of the costs may be recoverable from your private health fund.

For further information please call Rebecca on 03 9419 3010 or email directly